Chocolate Zucchini Cup Cakes

July 4th, 2008

I found a recipe for some zucchini muffins, or cupcakes if you like, over at Vanilla Garlic… although i added some chocolate chips to make them chocolate zucchini cup cakes. The recipe does have a bit more sugar in it then I would like but I went ahead and made them anyway. I haven’t figured out a way to reduce the amount of sugar since the zucchini adds so much moisture I didn’t think applesauce would be a good sweetener.

Here’s what I think about these Chocolate zucchini cup cakes: They are have super great taste. They weren’t as moist as I recall zucchini bread being but they do have a nice dense texture. As I mentioned, I added chocolate chips instead of raisins because they were a special treat. I love the cinnamon flavor and I added a little bit extra then the 2 tsp. the recipe called for.

I needed to let some of the zucchini cupcake mixture sit while the muffins cooked because I had limited cupcake pans. While it sat some of the moisture from the zucchini must have separated so I needed to mix it back into the mixture. This set of cupcakes was much wetter than the previous ones. While they were cooking they were so wet that they had to cook longer (by about 5-7 min), but the end result was a moister cupcake that was a little bit lighter. The top and edges was a little bit ‘crunchier’ but with cream cheese frosting it’s excellent!

Maybe I should have mixed everything longer before spooning it into the muffins but either way I thought a small (maybe 3 Tb. liquid could have been added. (Maybe applesauce might be a good substitute to replace some of the sugar and then less oil could be used also.)

They are a bit difficult to remove from the cupcake holder. I’m not sure why…I used paper cupcake holders rather than the aluminum ones so maybe that is why. I also recommend filling the cupcake holders up 3/4 full instead of the recommended half. Most of mine were filled only 1/2 and they had a lip of holder remaining around the edge. The holders that had more of the zucchini muffin mix looked more ‘bountiful.’

I also made only half the recipe for the cream cheese frosting so that there wasn’t as much on the cupcakes, as I was making them for small children.

Overall, the muffins are good but I would like to know a method to cook them using less sugar.

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